A Practical Mystery School for Resilience & Sustainability

“The mystic is not a special kind of person; each person is a special kind of mystic.”  (William McNamara)

Do you feel a call to find a way to live a life of connection to nature and spirit?  Is it imperative for you to return to sacred relationship with Mother Earth? Are you determined to unfold your spiritual self in a life grounded in compassion, simplicity and service? Are you made for this moment? Are you one of the people we have been waiting for?

At Bodhi Khaya, we are heeding the call to gather a team of the fiercely compassionate, spiritually grounded protectors and cultivators to work with us. We are developing a school that will depend on the genius and will of a team of radically capable individuals. 

We are seeking people who know about manifestation and what it takes to transform dreams into reality; discerning people who are awake to the current miasma of confusion overwhelming humans. Are you ready to excavate your habitual base of operations and move steadily toward new and unfamiliar terrain?  Are you ready to invite training, support, affirmation and encouragement into your life?

It is proposed that the new Born as the Earth School for Spiritual Resilience and Sacred Sustainability will emerge in three spheres.

The first will be to support, maintain and develop the school campus within the existing Bodhi Khaya Retreat Centre and surrounding land. In this area, team players will learn about stewarding wild and domestic land, looking after buildings, and learning the business of running a healing retreat centre.

Second, we will open the pathway to manifestation by defining the campus structure, curriculum, faculty, protocols, precepts, and methodologies. We will study, examine and undergo training to become a trainer of future wisdom gatekeepers.

Third, we will be ready to offer our program to others all the while honing our curriculum and initiating and training new students through a lineage-styled methodology.

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