The Gift of Nature Conservation

Bodhi Khaya Retreat is an active member of the Walker Bay Fynbos Conservancy(WBFC) located on the southern tip of Africa. Situated in the heart of the conservancy, we hold a unique seat in a diverse circle of environmentally committed members. Our primary commitment is to do our part to fulfill the ideals of the conservancy’s mission on the 217 Ha of land we are responsible for stewarding. Secondly, we do whatever we can to support the conservancy and its members to care for this extraordinary bioregion of the world.

Today, we invite you to join our effort and commitment to conserving and protecting the fauna and flora of this biome for generations to come.

Your donation will significantly increase all our concerted work to ensure the heart-land of the WBFC continues to be well nurtured into the future. 100 per cent of your donation will go directly toward funding the following:

  • Alien clearing, fire preparedness planning, and existing indigenous forest rehabilitation

  • Studying and preserving the region’s fauna and flora

  • Carbon emissions reduction through alternative energy production and sustainable waste management

  • Water conservation and organic permaculture systems

  • Education & Social/Economic upliftment projects

  • Reduction of harmful chemical and environmental pollutant use

While many of these efforts are already part of our sustainability program, your contribution will substantially increase effectiveness. As incentive, Bodhi Khaya will gift you levels of appreciation for your collaborative partnership:

  • R150 - THE BODHI: plants one tree (we plant for you)

  • R300 - THE HERMIT: The Bodhi plus one day employment for alien clearing

  • R500 - DUALITY DAYS: The Bodhi plus 2 days employment for alien clearing

  • R1000 - SANGHA CIRCLE: The Bodhi plus 5 days employment for alien clearing

  • R5000 - THE TEN VOWS: buys 10 days alien clearing, Bodhi Khaya Fellowship (BKF), a catered two-night stay in one of our cloister rooms, and a R1000 donation to Walker Bay Fynbos Conservancy

  • R10000 - LOTUS JEWEL: buys 20 days alien clearing, BKF membership, a catered 2-for-2 (two nights for two) in one of our courtyard rooms, and a R2000 donation to Walker Bay Fynbos Conservancy

Please click CONSERVE and select your gift or participation level.