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Please complete the application form in its entirety with as much relevant detail as possible.

Once we receive you application we will schedule a video interview with you. If all goes well the next step would be to attend a Dana Retreat. Please select which month would be the soonest you would be available to attend the Month Long Mindful (DANA) Giving and Receiving Retreat.
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Video Interview Contact Information
Once we receive your application we will set up a Video interview. Please let us know if Skype; WhatsApp Video or FaceTime works best and provide contact information.
In detail, describe your motivation and intention as to why you feel you should be considered for the Development Team. You will have an opportunity later in this application to describe you work experience and your skills.
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Tell us about you work history. Alongside, let us know why you took the the employment on, what you loved about it and why you left. Please include contactable references. If you are a recent graduate with little to know work history, tell us about a few projects you were engaged in - what you learned, liked and how you may approach the project differently if you had a second chance. Please list contactable faculty/mentor references.
List any volunteer or community service experience you have and include length and dates
Describe the types of therapies or self improvement programs you have engaged in. Help us to know you better by sharing why you selected the particular modality, how it helped you wellbeing.
Describe in detail a moment when you felt deeply inspired to do or create something important to you. What was the idea/feeling all about? What did you do to manifest into reality your vision? Did you succeed? What journey did it take you on? And what important life lessons did you learn along the way?
List your interests, hobbies, and pastimes
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We will be living, learning and working in community, and aspire to an honest knowing of each other. Use of any of the above does not necessarily undermine your application. Please let us know your preferences and frequency of use. Because we are a retreat centre we do maintain certain protocols with regard these substances.
Enter "none" if you have no needs
Describe your prescriptions and frequency of use. Please not that Bodhi Khaya Retreat is in a rural setting so please bring sufficient medications for your stay with us.
Please let us know if there is anything we can do to make your stay with us more comfortable
Let us know if you suffer from any allergies cause by food, the natural environment, animals, or chemicals
Bodhi Khaya Retreat is within a Nature Conservancy where wildlife is abundant. Please let us know if you have any phobias around snakes, spiders, insects, wildlife etc.
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The retreat centre at Bodhi Khaya is strictly vegetarian.
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Once your application is received and you have been selected to engage in deeper discussions with us, a video interview date will be set up with you. Unfortunately we may not be able to respond to every applicant. If you are curious about the status of your application please email us