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mandaza kandemwa

Mandaza is a spirit medium and medicine man from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. He was initiated through the tradition of the njuzi, the water spirits.

Mandaza carries with him in his heart the Central African spiritual tradition of healing and peacemaking. He is known internationally for his loving presence and for his preservation of the old ways. He stands for Truth, Love, Justice and Peace. Like the water spirits he carries, Mandaza flows between the worlds of Christianity, the secular and traditional, the modern, the industrial and the earth ways: all that is sacred and profane.


“I am a vehicle of the Spirits and no more than that. Whatever I do, is done through me by the ancestors.” - Mandaza

Currently, Mandaza travels internationally offering teachings and healing counsel in churches, schools, prisons and hospitals. Mandaza serves a large community in Zimbabwe that is dependent on him for food, clothing, education, healing and spiritual nourishment. Donations given to him are to support Mandaza’s work. family and community.

Chandasara, from Dharmagiri, shares of her experience on retreat with Mandaza: “What emerged from the experience for me was not so much ‘understanding’ as waking up to a living oneness with nature – of being gently reabsorbed into nature –  the sense of separation between ‘me’ and ‘nature’ softly fading away and being replaced by a vivid sense of oneness, of belonging, of being of the same fabric.  Something perhaps like Thich Nhat Hanh’s ‘interbeing’ including all and everything.  Mandaza spoke of it as the great spider web of Spirit that interconnects everything in the universe… Mandaza spoke of all that we receive from the earth and how the earth receives all our waste, transforming it into fertile life-sustaining nutrients.  He asked how often we say ‘thank you’ to the earth, how often we give back to the earth by seeing, feeling, noticing, appreciating, tending and caring for the earth and all her communities?”

We are honoured to host Mandaza at Bodhi Khaya from 4 - 7 April 2019 as we explore our true connection with Nature & delve into the meaning of our Dreams. Click here to read more about this retreat.

To read more about Mandaza and to support his healing work, see his website www.mandaza.com.