Bodhi  Khaya  Retreat

from art to zen, a sanctuary for the spirit


Heron Cottage Winter Retreat

1 May - 4 August 2019

The exquisite Heron Cottage is available for Personal Retreats during winter. Sleeps 6, self-catered, 2-night minimum stay.

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Eternal Heart Ceremony

3 - 5 May 2019

In Celebration and Gratitude we bring this circle together for the Eternal Oneness we share. 


Awaken Potential Retreat

14 - 17 June 2019

Gen Pagpa will share practical teachings and meditations that show us how we can manifest our boundless potential within our daily life and thereby truly benefit our friends, family and society.


 What's New at Bodhi Khaya

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Heading the Call: A Unique Volunteer Opportunity Awaits you in 2019.

Many of you have emailed, phoned, visited and asked to be a part of our new story here at Bodhi Khaya Retreat. We have listened to your requests and created a unique way of participating. Come and join the journey.