Bodhi Khaya Community


The forest is my happy place, I love dancing and I have a deep reverence for Mother Earth, the moon and avocados. I am fascinated by the human journey and enjoy sharing my experiences with others. Understanding the universal needs of the young child is my heart's work, and I’m learning to trust my intuition more and more. I am fiancé to Gary and mama to Stella. I am in deep gratitude for the magical unfolding of my life that has brought me here to Bodhi Khaya. 


I am easily amused. My favourite thing of all is laughter. I laugh a lot. I’m fascinated by most things in this wonderful world of ours, except raw tomatoes. My biggest fascination is human nature. Being a photographer allows me to closely observe the human spirit with love and respect. Laughter is what connects me to it all. I’m Stella’s dad and Caron’s fiancé.


From the moment I set eyes on the land that is Bodhi Khaya, I felt  I was walking into a world of magic. What I didn't realise then was the power of nature to transform me. I thought I was coming to steward a beautiful place of still-wild nature and that I would look after it. I am the one who has been looked after. I have woken to  the beauty, luminescence, bounty and challenge of nature each day I have been here. And yet for many years I still stood separate as though it was something out there. Slowly, with profound gratitude and wonder, I have watched the wild inhabit me.


I love the land, the region, and the people in this sumptuous corner. To touch imagining and directing sustainable growth at Bodhi Khaya is a gift for which I am grateful. I like circles of all kinds - drawing them, expanding them, and especially seeing what happens in them. I’m learning the names of trees and birds and to follow my nose and heart, always trusting rare frogs and that sacred bump on the way toward the predictable. With my hand on the gate somewhere between there and here you'll find me at the threshold telling a spirited tale or two. I miss old friends, Maine summers, my kids, and time on the cushion.  


As part of my growing awareness into my part in the unfolding of our humanity I am weaving my web of experience with others, who have come to share, to create... a place of Freedom, of Peace, of Gratitude and ultimately a place of Love. The Love is already here. Its woven into nature, into the animal kingdoms, the plant kingdoms. and the sky the earth and the waters. I've just come to be a part of it once again. And with that comes our Peace, our Freedom and our Gratitude. And that I have come to share.

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As my name says, I am a shining star in this world. I resonate with pure joy and express this best through jumping (very high) and dancing. I am super capable in my body and also sensitive to the true feelings of others. I communicate my feelings and needs clearly and expect them to be respected, but I also respond well to loving, firm boundaries. I love people and birds and horses! 


A multitude of experiences have intricately woven themselves to produce my residential placement here … a place I now call home. My reverence for the natural kingdom sees me with my fingers in the soil, conversing with carrots and receiving wisdom from a worm. I receive pleasure in nurturing and will ensure meals are healthy and infused with love and creativity. I enjoy swimming in the creative fountain of the spirit which I express through community craft projects, art, writings, ceremony and the mothering of a teen. I love to hear my fellow human, animal, and plant travellers, and marvel at the symphony of sound we create in this masterpiece of life. Here I stand in service. With gratitude.

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