Positive Changes at Bodhi Khaya

Dear friends,

Thank you for your patience while we have taken a winter break to envision a way forward for Bodhi Khaya.

I have had many happy years on this beautiful land, watching the coming and going of many who have lived, worked and visited, from people to winged and crawling creatures, through fires and floods. I have done a lot of coming and going myself and am indebted to those who have lovingly kept the vision of a rural sanctuary alive while I have been away. Each of them brought gifts of kindness, loyalty, creativity, vision, and very often of sheer endurance. Nature brings many challenges to humans who live in wild places. And of course the challenges that humans offer each other, living in community, often require even greater endurance. Thank you to all of the past stewards, and to all those who have worked and played here.


I am now living at Bodhi Khaya full-time. This may be the most significant reason for the changes that are afoot. For many years I have dreamed of a greater integration of work and life; of a seamless flow between values and practices. All the changes at Bodhi Khaya are aimed at making that dream come true.

Many of you have met or spoken to Glenn Leisching who is sharing the stewardship of Bodhi Khaya with me. Together we have been through an intensive re-imagining of Bodhi Khaya’s potentialities and purpose and are now on the threshold of new beginnings here.

As we move away from the employer/employee model at Bodhi Khaya we are founding a residential community who will live, work, and serve here. We aim to make caring for ourselves, our spaces, and our environment an intrinsic part of our lives and healing work and will expect all who come here to engage with Bodhi Khaya as a home rather than a hotel; a spiritual retreat rather than a spa.

Again, we ask for your kind patience as we begin to implement changes and dearly welcome your feedback and enthused participation.

Yours in love,

Georgina Hamilton