An Impeccable Community

Bodhi Khaya is pure magic.   A place of deep healing and introspection.  Truly a place for renewal.

What I love about Bodhi Khaya is it's impeccability.  The land is loved and cared for with a tremendous amount of heart and that energy permeates the grounds.  The owner Georgina is that heart and her loving energy, attention to detail throughout is just perfect.  The nature is pristine, with spring water, idyllic lily ponds, indigenous forests and beautiful walks.  My family have been blessed to enjoy Bodhi Khaya on several occasions, it feels like home to the children.  There is a sense of community there, an impeccable community. - Tanya Hagen

Bodhi Khaya is Exceptional

I have just organised our 6th yoga and meditation retreat at Bodhi Khaya. Every time we go to Bodhi Khaya it is such an enriching and inspiring experience. The venue is very well set up for yoga, meditation, nature walks, swimming, the labyrinth walking and excellent accommodation. The location is breath-taking, with one of the largest Milkwood forests in the country on site, two dams for swimming, the pointy topped mountain keeping an eye on the space. Everything about Bodhi Khaya is exceptional.  

What really made this retreat so outstanding was the catering and the attention given by the management. If you are looking for some special time to heal, find some stillness, enjoy nature and take care of your body, mind and spirit. I really encourage you to experience Bodhi Khaya Retreat centre.

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Amazing Life Changing Time

‘Just returned from an amazing life changing time in this beautiful place. Management very visible and could not do enough to make sure everything was good. The food was amazing…the best vegetarian meals I have ever had. Don't change...this is a special place with special people’

This Place is a Pocket of Pleasure

‘A friend and I spent 2 nights in this beautiful place. The courtyard rooms are wonderfully simple with a nice, hot shower. There was no course or retreat at the time so we took time to explore and meditate at our own pace. The labyrinth is gorgeous. There is a medicine wheel to spend time sitting contemplating...the meditation and yoga room is filled with peace and a perfect place to chant and do yoga. The fynbos trail is absolutely magical and a must if you enjoy walking. This place is a pocket of pleasure in serene surroundings.

Your Spirit Unfurls like a Flower

Bodhi Khaya is the home in which your spirit unfurls like a flower in bloom. Much like the fynbos, each day brings a new flower, a new medicine and a new beauty. This is where the illusion of separation falls away and all is one and all are unique. The place where each flower coming into bloom makes a garden of perfect chaos. A fractal. Infinite in its complex simplicity. - Dominik Wolf

Incredible Hospitality Received

Much gratitude for the incredible hospitality received over the weekend I spent at Bodhi Khaya.

This was felt from the minute I set foot on the soil at Bodhi Khaya reception and checking in played a big role for me as it had set the tone for the entire weekend, the food was delicious, the rooms / facilities were immaculate together with the open grounds of the property, the meditation hall was very special even though I did not get a chance to practice a meditation however just the presence around it felt so special. The community was very friendly however they felt more like family. I feel most happy and privileged to have had the opportunity to spend some time at Bodhi Khaya and I look forward to be visiting soon again. - Ian

Magnificent Bodhi Khaya

Our relationship with Bodhi Khaya, which has grown from strength to strength over the last five years, forms an integral part of our training, offering our students the opportunity to soften and deepen into the practise of mindfulness.

We feel truly at home at Bodhi Khaya. Its idyllic setting, the care shown to us by all staff, as well as the delicious food so lovingly served to us, all contribute to this marvelous experience.

We look forward to our ongoing relationship with Bodhi Khaya, one which we greatly value. - Lynne Gordon - IMISA

A Rare Haven of Tranquility

We have held many meditation retreats at Bodhi Khaya Retreat Centre. These have given a precious opportunity for many people to switch off from their busy lives and get fully immersed in the incredibly scenic and peaceful setting. Bodhi Khaya is a rare haven of tranquility and the perfect environment to relax and journey into our mind on retreat. - Gen Pagpa

Huffington Post

Bodhi Khaya is listed by the Huffington Post as one of  8 Awesome Wellness Retreats you didn't know about.

Paradise on Earth

Meeting with you has changed my whole life! During the retreat, a veil fell from my eyes. I began to look at the world with a new absolutely clear look. I experienced the highest sense of joy and happiness. My life is filled with new meaning. Filled with love for all living things on our amazing and gorgeous planet.

The beauty of the place in which we spent these magical 6 days together cannot be expressed and described in words - this is Paradise on earth. I have never met a more beautiful and healing corner of our planet in my life. The picture of this earthly paradise stands before my eyes. South Africa is a blessed land. I live in hope of meeting you soon, to continue my ascent to the light.

I am infinitely grateful to you all - Gevorg