Teacher Guidelines


Online Booking

We have launched our new interactive website. Signing up to host a retreat, or for students to join retreats will be much easier. Social media marketing will be more current and dynamic. Through the online system you can administer your retreat and students can book, pay, and inform us of dietary or personal needs.


The Bodhi Khaya team will work to support fully attended, sustainable, and affordable retreats. Our rates are comprehensive and value oriented. As per our Rate Card, based on length of stay and number of students, a per person per day rate will be quoted which will include meals, lodging, and use of facilities. An early registration discount will support affordability and planning. 

To acquire a quote for your 2019/2020 retreat at Bodhi Khaya, please fill out the Teacher Application Form. If you have previously hosted a retreat with us, please email registrar@bkr.co.za to get a quote for your next retreat. 


We have converted all double beds into singles and have valued each equally throughout Bodhi Khaya Retreat. Rooming preferences will be achieved through early registration. Only Garden Room will remain a king bed and is reserved for teachers. 

 The Cloister(14 beds), Courtyard(17 beds), and Communal Farmhouse (13 beds), total 44 beds. The online booking system will enable you and/or your students to select lodging type and administer bookings and payments. 

We ask all guests to take care of their rooms and belongings, and strip their beds upon departure. As the facilitator, we ask you to support their efforts by ensuring this happens. 

Intimate Retreats

Retreats of less than 15 people can now be hosted in the Communal Farmhouse, given that they do not utilise the Meditation Hall. Unless otherwise arranged, Intimate Retreats do not have exclusive use of facilities and thus may share meals with Personal Retreat guests and/or a secondary retreat. 

Should your retreat host less than 33 people, a secondary retreat may be hosted in the Communal Farmhouse. Secondary retreats will be kept separate except for sharing meal times in the dining hall.


We encourage camping on the beautiful grounds of Bodhi Khaya. Selected areas have been identified for camping. Students must bring their own camping and sleeping gear. Please no camp fires except in designated areas and always under supervision. 

Deduct R200 from the per person, per day rate for campers.


Retreats will enjoy exclusive use of all the grounds and facilities here at Bodhi Khaya. Exceptions may apply if two or more retreats are happening simultaneously - such as is the case with intimate retreats addressed above. Please be in touch with us to discuss exclusive use of the retreat centre.

We no longer offer retreat set-up. Please arrive prepared to set spaces up to your preference. We will continue to supply meditation cushions, yoga mats and blankets for your retreat. Please be in touch with any questions or needs.


We are developing new menus, a menu cycle, and are increasing our reliance on our organic garden. We will continue to cater 3 vegetarian meals per day for your retreat and accommodate dietary needs and special requests. Your retreat will enjoy healthy, well nurtured food prepared according to our cycle, garden availability, and our cook’s spontaneous creativity. If your retreat requires a special menu please inquire with the office as to how we may be of service. Breakfast is served at 8am, Lunch at 1pm and Dinner at 6 pm.

All guests are asked to wash, dry, and pack away their meal dishes. Systems will be in place to expedite the process and we ask you to work with our team to support a communal, village-like experience.

Tea Stations

Tea stations are set up in various spaces, stocked with a variety of warm beverages and basic snacks such as biscuits and fruits - available to retreat participants at any time. All guests are asked to wash, dry and pack away their dishes. 


A residential community will be here to welcome and host your retreat. We will share meals and spaces while affording your retreat privacy, safety and gentle holding. We ask that you work with us to maintain communal spaces, buildings and grounds together. 

To this end please donate one hour of Mindful Work per student per full retreat day. Please be in touch with our team to discuss when this might work best for your retreat schedule. Please ensure your retreatants bring work clothes along. 

Deposits, Cancellations & Information

All retreat bookings are considered PROVISIONAL until deposit is received. To CONFIRM your retreat a deposit of R 5 000 per day is required. Deposits received 90 days in advance enjoy full marketing promotion including Early Bird Discounting

Please no pets, alcohol, or recreational drugs.